Aquarium Central Online

Aquarium Central is an exciting new online and walk in retail Aquarium store conveniently in Kunda Park on the Sunshine Coast QLD.

We realised that the traditional aquarium shops were struggling to make it in the current retail market which means that there is little variety and expert advice out there for Aquarium enthusiasts. Online businesses have made it tough for the local fish shop to compete and as a result they have all but disappeared. We wanted to establish a business that could fill the gap not only for local enthusiasts but also for all hobbyists around the country that might not have a good local fish shop they can walk into when they need advice or are hunting for something a little bit special or unusual. We want to be there for fish keepers and fish enthusiasts who want something different than what you can find in a big chain pet store. We know our stuff and we specialise only in the Aquarium hobby. Its not just one of our many departments it’s our specialty and our passion.

When you come to us you can count on tried and tested advice, the latest innovations, a fantastic range, and prices that are as cheap as shopping online. We are fish people through and through. Our walk-in customers pay the same great prices as our online customers. And we aim to provide great product pictures and information, so our online customers feel like they are instore checking out our products for themselves. We are always available to offer expert advice and help customers make the right choice for their Aquarium.

Nigel Rattenbury
Director / Founder

Over 30 years experience in fish keeping and specialised breeding in African Cichlids.

RussELL Blake

Over 40 years in fish keeping with 20 years in retail store managing.

Melinda Rattenbury
Shipping Expert

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